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The Word with Plentiful Timbre

Vocable Studio has a voice for conveying your message. Voice acting is all it does. From dealing with the breathing, the sounds, the timbres to the words in the actor's speech; as well written, spoken as cognitive – so far a simple, meaningful and well-known to human. Voice acting is also about imagination; working with images; taking a word and attempting to visualise it. It is about paying attention to the quality of every single word, speaking each sound with its independent quality while still maintaining the entire image and keeping the form whole – happy listening!

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A Quality Sound

Vocable Studio is a part of sound arts creative tools, providing a completely professional service and a virtually unlimited list of capabilities; and the studio supplies voices around the globe. The high-quality recording studio for all forms of media production delivers edited sound files in the client’s preferred file format via download link. Nearly any file format is available upon request as all of the recordings are produced in broadcast quality. Listen to audio here.


Translation Included

Vocable Studio does more than just deliver voices. Studio has in-house translation capabilities. The studio’s voice services and translation services include the following languages: Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian. Studio can translate scripts into these languages, and is part of a global network of voices and translators. Vocable can perform multimedia localisation, transforming programs into the Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian language and culture.



Vocable Studio has both male and female voices on board. Bright, warm, melodic, deeply resonant, expressive, clear and welcoming voices, with a full character range in neutral, European, Northern, Slightly British or Estonian accents. The main focus is on the characteristics of the fundamental particles or sounds of the creation tool of an actor, -- of the word, -- to have rich timbres. The real value of voice acting lies in the nature of the speaker. A reserved and simple acting style gives a character's voice clarity, as well as letting the speaker play with word structures.



Vocable Studio was founded as a home of voice art and has been active in the voice-over industry since 2014. Vocable Studio records audio for internet use, commercials, documentaries, telephone systems, training videos, audiobooks, animated cartoons and more. Vocable voices have had a successful co-operation with EuroparlTV’s Youth Channel, providing voices for the character of ‘Blink’ and for the presidents of European Parliament in the Estonian language. Vocable Studio has collaborated with agencies and studios as well as TV and radio stations in the UK, US and Europe.


& Wonderful

Some of our collaborations have been highly popular. The voicings for Claas, which can be listened to: here, here and here. The recordings for European Commission 'Eures’ and 'Solvit’, can be listened to: here, here and here; and a cartoon for Infopankki, you may listen to this fabulous creation here. – We are making, recording and producing a live human voice!



Vocable Studio records high-quality voices in a professionally equipped environment. It is an audio unit specialising in voice acting, voice overs, dubbing and voice production in the Estonian language.

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